The range & flexibility of helicopters allows passengers to fulfill any short haul journey or aerial application effectively. Helicopters have a full integration of speed, performance and maneuverability, highly adaptable to address a range of individual needs, their capabilities allow excellent connection into remote areas, with the ability to land at many locations from airports to private properties. The range of machines available allows Independent Aviation to tailor the platform to your requirements, from VIP transfers to environmental management tasks.


Very light jets are a recent addition to private aviation, simply offering an alternative, low cost option for ultra-short haul journeys. They offer lowering operating costs than conventional private jets and are able to operate from runways as short as 3,000 feet making them attractive either for personal or as a point to point air taxi.


The workhorse of remote and regional Australia. The piston fleet provides flexibility in payload and range, from fantastic single engine aircraft that have a payload for up to 5 passengers through to the venerable twin engines that could uplift up to 9 passengers or 1,000 kg of freight.  The performance characteristics of many piston aircraft lead them to be deployed on shorter trips often to remote and unprepared strips that would otherwise be inaccessible with larger aircraft.


Any travel outside of the major centers incurs a considerable time cost within Australia. The light jet offers the solution. Perfect for the corporate or executive travellers, allowing up to 8 personnel a convenient and comfortable means to meet clients and not have all the expenses associated with the business trip.


Combining the efficiencies of a jet aircraft with the economy of a prop.  The turbo prop aircraft are often pressurized, allowing you to fly above the weather at higher speeds. This will ensure you arrive earlier and refreshed. Ideally suited to cover the larger distances around Australia, the turboprop aircraft have a fantastic payload and range. The speed and performance afforded many turboprop aircraft make them fantastic platforms for a range of missions from executive transport through to aeromedical transport or light commuter aircraft.


With a range of up to 6 hours, the mid size jet is ideal for travel between all major points within Australia and many major Asian ports only a single stop away. Additionally this range and speed has been put to use in the medical evacuation role, allowing the repatriation of patients from all over South East Asia and the Pacific Islands to Australia.


The ultimate in private travel. With full stand up Cabins and seating for large parties. Our Heavy Jet fleet as an aircraft to meet any mission requirement. Connecting continents with ease and in comfort.


Moving large teams or  incentive groups can be a logistical nightmare. Remove the hassle, a commercial charter removes the deadlines and allows you to set the departure times ensuring everyone can make it. Want to set the menu, not a problem we can customise the entire service to your requirements. Commercial charter can be a very cost effective option to move large groups, removing the need to meet scheduled flights and cut into productive business hours or shortening a holiday just because there are no other flights out.  From long haul to regional same day returns Independent Aviation has access to a fleet of aircraft to meet all requirements weather it’s a FIFO team or a football team and their supporters on tour.